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Family Law Services
Keeping your family out of the courtroom

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Collaborative Law

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  • Mediation Sessions tailored to your family circumstances

    1 hr

    $350/hr. Time varies
  • Learn about collaborative divorce and if it fits your goals

    2 hr

    Starting at $350/hr.
  • Attorney Review of Mediation Agreement for one party

    1 hr

    $350/hr. Time varies
  • Attorney for one party through mediation process

    1 hr

    $350/hr. Time varies
  • Learn about the divorce process and share your story

    30 min

Collaborative law is a team based approach to divorce where the parties agree not to go to court to determine their new beginning. The parties craft a resolution tailored specifically to their needs and interests.  The parties and attorneys sign an agreement stating that with the help of their professional team, which may include financial neutrals, divorce coaches and/or mental health professionals, they will resolve all issues without filing court proceedings in a way the preserves the family's goals. This is an especially good option for families with children. Parties may utilize this process both before and after a divorce.*

Mediation is an out of court process in which the parties (either represented by attorneys or not) craft a settlement plan that suits their needs, giving them the control over the process that going to court does not. Parties may utilize this process both before and after a divorce.*  

*Generally speaking, post-divorce issues are minimized when the parties utilize alternative to court resolution processes (both mediation and collaborative law) to draft their settlement agreements.

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